Some laughs and an update.

Courtesy of xkcd.

Courtesy of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

Two literature references in a row from my two favorite nerdy web-comics. I think this is a good sign that November is going to be an awesome month.

In other news, you can now sign up for the class I’m teaching in Spring semester. It’s been a crazy busy semester and I haven’t really had a chance to blog about my teaching experiences so far, but I will say that I really love it and it’s honestly the best part of my week. My students are adorable and they warm my heart so very much. It also helps that they’re pretty darn smart. :]


Baby Shakespeare

SO CUTE. When I have kids, I will totally teach them Shakespearean soliloquies. I want to live a life saturated with a love of language and art and to have one of those families that’s constantly quoting books and plays and current events. Besides, I think I would be really tickled to have a baby who can quote melancholy Hamlet with such happiness and gusto.