Book Stacks

One of the benefits of being a student researcher (surprisingly) is that you gain a lot of upper body strength from lugging armfuls of books to and from campus on a weekly basis. I officially started my senior thesis project last March, but have also had other concurrent research since January 2009. This translated into a lot of trips to Young Library and a lot of gasping and wheezing as I carried books back up the Hill where I lived. Over the past year, I’ve accrued almost an entire shelf’s worth of research material (apologies to anyone trying to check out a book on “Queen Elizabeth I,” “Henry VIII,” or “The Revenger’s Tragedy” among other related topics – I’m pretty sure I kidnapped that entire section). And this is true of most of the other Departmental Scholars that I’ve spoken to. If we put all of our texts together, we could probably build a mighty fortress of nerdiness awesomeness.

Unfortunately, however, now that I’ve finally finished and turned in my thesis, it’s time to bid those books (and my dreams of building a book fort) farewell.

Thesis research with bookcase for comparison (roughly a dozen are missing because I've already started returning them).

And since I’m already doing a post on my propensity for hoarding books…

Texts from research on collaboration (picture taken last March).

I wish I could say that I’ll miss the giant stacks of books surrounding my desk, but I’m pretty excited for a non-research-intensive Spring quarter. (Although I did ask my American Fiction professor last week if I could do a research paper instead of a regular essay… O.o)


2 thoughts on “Book Stacks

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