In Place of a Real Post

So.. I didn’t just fall into the Mississippi and disappear. The rest of spring break has just been super busy, but I have a word document full of notes and I hope to retroactively blog the conference after I get back to LA on Sunday. It’ll be like I didn’t ditch my blogging duties for a week… :] I also promise to blog much more often and regularly now that I apparently have a readership of sorts and have loads more time that thesis research used to take up. I have a vision for what I want Sophialiteraria to become by the end of this year so look forward to exciting things to come!


Sigma Tau Delta Convention: Day One

1:00 AM Central Time – I should be asleep. But instead I am sitting on the checkered carpet of a hotel room in St. Louis, tapping away on my laptop. And other than a long nap on a 3 ½ hour plane ride (and a 30 min nap the night before), I have been awake now for 36 hours. Why oh why? You might ask. Let’s back track a little.

It’s finals week; not only do I have a final from 8-11 AM the day I need to leave for the Sigma Tau Delta Convention, but I also need to finish my delightfully long senior thesis. Solution: (as always) turn into Sophia the machine who doesn’t need sleep and runs on caffeine and adrenaline. Except this epic study monster secretly yearns for her blue pillow (fondly named Bloopy) and the ability to stop time so that she can take a nap without wasting time. I once met a girl who said that Napoleon only slept four hours a day and her goal was to one day achieve his level of dedication and sleep deprivation. Now personally, I love sleep a little too much for that. But there are definitely days when I understand the sentiment of wanting more hours in a day.

Anyways, long story short, I pulled one crazy all-nighter, sleep-wrote my Shakespeare final, threw all my conference clothes into a suitcase, and zoomed off to the airport. And now here I am in my awesome hotel room at the Hyatt, with an awesome view of the Arch, which I share with three awesome girls from The College of New Jersey (TCNJ). The rest of this week is going to be filled with awesomeness. Except – plot twist – I still need to finish that thesis before Friday at noon.

Will Sophia finish her thesis in time? Will she find time to enjoy her conference experience? Or will she have to drown herself in the Mississippi in disgrace when she fails to complete her mission? Find out next time on Sophialiteraria! 🙂

(I wonder if this is what the life of an academic is like: jetting off to distant cities, conversing about Jersey accents in hotel bars, and catching up on that never-ending pile of work late at night. I love it all. Reason #327 to become a professor: fantastic travel opportunities.)

Thinking, Drinking, Sinking Feeling

Graduate admissions season is tough on the psyche. Especially when graduation is only three months away and you hear stories about hoards of unemployed recent graduates across the country. You start to imagine yourself as a hobo living in a cardboard box, or (perhaps even worse) as Alexis Bledel in “Post Grad,” living at home with the parents. And then you start dreaming up crazy back-up plans like becoming a professional blogger or opening up a cute cafe/bookstore. You wonder what kind of job or career or life you can live with and question why the hell you decided to graduate from college early in a bad economy. You even start to concede that maybe your parents were right when they disapprovingly told you the day you declared yourself an English major that a person couldn’t subsist on imaginary crumpets alone.

Unfortunately, for the past month, I have also been unhealthily scouring decision results on I swear, that website will drive you insane if you check it night and day. (The one positive I guess is that you get notice that rejections are coming out so you aren’t as surprised when they do arrive.) So basically, I’ve been a crazy emotional ranting maniac worrywart all of February. But don’t worry, kids! I got some good news over the weekend so I think the crazies have past. I’m still waiting on exactly half of my schools, but just knowing that I’ll be going to graduate school somewhere this fall is a great relief. PLUS, I got this awesome fortune cookie today that reads:

“Your dearest wish will come true within the month!”

Good omens! Although I do have many equally-weighted “dearest wishes” so it might turn out to be something else. Like finding a closet to Narnia. Or owning a LOLcat. Or growing a book tree, shoe tree, or cupcake tree. Mmmm… 🙂