Bald Spots

Recently I started subscribing to Merriam-Webster’s “word of the day” in an attempt to slowly increase my vocabulary for my GREs. I did the same thing during my SATs with but I have to say Merriam-Webster’s format is much nicer. In addition to the definition, they give you an example sentence and an interesting fact about the word’s origin. If you’re looking for some fun words to learn, you should also check out the Oxford English Dictionary’s “word of the day” although I feel that its format can be too formal for my tastes.

Anyhow, this morning when I got up to check my email, I found this word in my mailbox:

Trichotillomania: an abnormal desire to pull out one’s hair

Ironically enough, this is exactly how I’ve been feeling recently with all the things going on with my family, studying, and the terrible planning out of the next ten years. Oh, the stresses of modern day life. No wonder this word arose in the 20th century in connection to OCD. The way we live and think apparently drives us insane.

On a side note: I have a few posts in progress, including a review of Wall-E, so check back soon! 🙂


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