Good Morning “Baltimore”!

I think every writer, whether of fiction or editorial opinion, suffers from that old philosophical cliche about hearing sounds in a vacant forest. Does your writing matter if no one is there to read it? Do your thoughts? Even if you have the greatest manuscript, if no one will publish you, do you matter?

I thought going to college and majoring in English literature meant that I would be constantly writing, voicing my opinions and perfecting my manner of expression. But that hasn’t really been the case. The truth is, six or seven papers a quarter and writing essays for only one professor or TA to read is simply not enough for me. When I read something emotionally inspiring or technically brilliant, sometimes I just want to shout it from the roof tops and tell everyone I see. I want everyone to know about the Houyhnhnms and zeugmas and Wordsworth’s “egotistical sublime.” I want somebody to care because this is what I care about. With all of my friends flying in different directions in terms of fields of study and career paths, I still want to connect to them and have them understand this part of my life.  

Perhaps equally important is the simple fact that I just need a place to wax literary. I know some people see such a passion for literature as impractical, even delusional. Others simply don’t understand how one silly rhyme about “cabbages and kings” can make a girl so insanely giddy. Sometimes, at the end of the day, it helps to be able to rant about those things that tickle your toes to the world (wide web).

While this blog will have a primarily literary focus, I will most probably touch on some of my other social, cultural, and humanities interests, and occasionally dish out some of my pseudo-philosophy. However, I’m definitely hoping to maintain a separation between my personal and academic personas because I think what the two have to say are vastly different.

And so today, I launch my first semi-“professional” blog with a Tracy-Turnblad-esque naivete that this will be something witty, important, and fun.

“some day when I take to the floor,/ the world’s gonna wake up and see/ Baltimore and me!”


3 thoughts on “Good Morning “Baltimore”!

  1. hey nice to see your first blog, i will definitely keep track of this from now on and see what you come up with

    hope you have a time with this blog, i look forward to seeing the rest of the posts hehe

  2. Hello dearest friend of mine! Somehow, this seems very “you” both professional and personal. 🙂 I wish you well with this new adventure.

  3. While I may not be able to quite keep up in terms of literary know-how and style, I can always commiserate about the brilliance that is cabbages and kings. I’ll be looking forward to reading more 🙂

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